The House Of Hades: fanfic

Chapter Two


Now this wasn’t the first time Percy Jackson had waken up in an unknown place and not knowing who he was. Except this time it didn’t take a huge quest to get back his memories, because soon a splitting headache screeched through his head. After that memories of the quest, Bacchus, and Annabeth came flooding into his head. He remembered holding onto Annabeth and falling, for what was a really long time.

When he shifted his weight from one side to the other, he noticed that the ground was really soft and mushy and formed around his body like one of those Temperpedic mattress. It’s what must have cushioned his and Annabeth’s fall.

Wait! Annabeth. Where was Annabeth?

Percy looked around, panicked. But he didn’t see his girlfriend anywhere. Actually, he couldn’t seem to see anything anywhere. He tried to stand up, to see if that would help him get a better view of the blackness he saw. But his hand was locked onto something. He felt around that area and soon realized it was his girlfriend who was clutching onto it.

"Annabeth?" He asked. But there was no response. He tried shaking, what he hoped was, her shoulders. "Annabeth? Are you okay?" Alright, so shaking a possibly injured person wasn’t the brightest idea but if she was going through what Percy had just gone through then she really needed to wake up. "Annabeth, come on. I know you’re in there." There was still no response.

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